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The below video provides greater details on The China Declaration's plans and addresses issues related to organizations that might be interested in being involved. Please feel free to contact us directly for further information on the benefits of participation and ideas on how best to become involved: Also, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions


What: Getting a massive number of people to support and push through strategic initiatives that will be effective and influential. How: Victim groups, influencers, and politicians will sign and support. Why: The Chinese Government's transgressions must be stopped.

How can organizations benefit from participation?

Ultimately, working together will unify us and make for a vastly stronger impact on directly taking on the CCP. Organizations will also benefit by having their logo listed on our "Signers" page where they will gain visibility and where we urge visitors to donate to your organization. (We do not accept donations). As people visit the "Signers" page, and as we notify signers of your participation through our regular newsletter, this too will be a benefit you from broader exposure. This is a way to gain exposure to new supporters and engage existing ones. Existing donors also like to see what is being done with funds raised and this is another way to show them. Finally, your organization's participation can be featured on our "News" page which lists the type of China related stories many are interested in reading.

How do I get started?

You can get started immediately by urging your supporters to sign The China Declaration. If you want your logo/organization to be listed on the "Signers" page please contact us (ideally beforehand) at: There are ways to maximize the impact of participation and we can share these with you in detail. 

What is the best way to maximize Impact?

We have found certain practices work best. First, contact us ( and we can discuss these with you. Second, a carefully worded email should be sent to supporters explaining reasons for participation (see video for sample letter.) Third, Zoom calls with supporters where Brad Good or other The China Declaration team members can explain overall plans in more detail will be instrumental in everyone appreciating the nature and importance of the endeavor. This breeds more dedication and will also help broaden those talking about your organization and participation. Fourth, we have found that supporters often initially view The China Declaration as another passing exercise and do not give it the attention it deserves. So, the language used and approach must be carefully crafted. Once supporters understand the nature of plans (as seen in the above video), the support you receive will be greater than you expect.

What are the requirements for getting our organization's logo on The China Declaration's Supporter page on its website?
The requirements are that your organization has some genuine interest in The China Declaration's CCP related strategy. As long as you put in an earnest effort to involve your supporters and they share with others that is sufficient. The China Declaration will also check to ensure you are an upstanding moral organization. Likewise, an organization has the right at any time and for whatever reason to request that its logo be removed. This will occur within 24 hours upon notice.

How do we host an event with you?

Please email us at We are excited to attend events and will try to be accommodating whenever possible.

How do organizations get supporters to sign?

The above video explains this and you can also email us to learn more or if you would like someone from The China Declaration Team to assist you to speak with your supporters:

Can a company (or any other type of organization) participate and be listed on the Supporter page?
Absolutely. Any organization that is meaningfully committed and participating can be listed. This includes any entity globally.

Are you affiliated with any political party or religious belief?
The China Declaration is completely apolitical and without any religious
affiliation or view. 

What sort of entity is The China Declaration?
The China Declaration statement is an initiative conducted by The China Declaration LLC. When an individual or organization signs The China Declaration they are showing their support for it, but not the LLC or other endeavors it may conduct in the future. As activities are conducted in the future The China Declaration LLC may periodically invite organization and/or individuals to be involved.


The China Declaration is a Limited Liability Corporation. A decision was made not to form a 501(c)3 to avoid any perception there might be competition for donations. There was also the belief that an LLC provided a legal framework that was more flexible given the mission of the organization. 

How will people and organizations be kept informed of upcoming developments and/or (strategic) initiatives?

A newsletter will periodically be emailed to those who signed the declaration. It will be sent to the email address provided when signing the declaration. All major upcoming plans will be listed in this newsletter and, in particular, justifications for actions before they occur. 

Does being on The China Declaration's Supporter page cost anything?

No. There is no cost and this will not change; nor can a person or organization pay for a position on the page. 

How will my information be used when I sign The China Declaration?
We will not sell your information, but it will be kept so that we can periodically communicate with you. Depending upon what is happening, this could be frequently, but should not be more often than once a week. Communication will be related to The China Declaration; for example, highlighting an important related news story. All communications will include an opt-out feature.

Will you reveal my name and that I have signed the declaration?
No. The China Declaration will not reveal your name. In the future there may be a feature that allows people to see and show that they are a “confirmed” signer of the declaration. Those who participate will have to opt-in. 

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