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Our Strategic Objective

Throughout the world there is a very high percentage of people who have an unfavorable view of the Chinese Communist Party. In Australia it is 86%. In Japan 87%. And, in the United States 82%. It's time for these people to act, to express how they feel.

The People's Republic of China's transgressions continue. Efforts to stop them have been met with piecemeal political and economic actions. Over the years impactful initiatives have been hindered by powerful Washington D.C. based pro-China business lobbying groups. Cause-related groups have had substantial impact over the years but more can be done collectively. Operating together will enhance efforts for optimal impact. 

To address this dire situation we wrote The China Declaration to summarize the CCP's transgressions on its people and the world. We start by asking a simple question: Are you dedicated to bringing freedom from the influence of the CCP to people in China and abroad? The end objective is to ensure those types of issues listed in the declaration are resolved and never occur again. This is our strategic objective.

Step 1: Grow Support
The China Declaration will invite passionate victim groups on board. They will benefit by being involved in a larger over-arching initiative that will ultimately support their causes. They will receive enhanced visibility, and access to more supporters and donors. Next, policy makers and cultural influencers will join.

Then a campaign will be run to gain more public awareness and generate a groundswell of media attention. Our approach is constructive and solution based to ensure traction and long lasting change. 

Step 2: Increased Influence
With the support of all who have signed, The China Declaration will invite politicians, athletes, actors, companies, and others to sign the declaration and support the campaign. There are over 773 million who view "China" unfavorably. Even a small percent of this total will enable The China Declaration to have a big voice.

Step 3: Execute Strategic Initiatives and Call for Accountability
With a group of esteemed political and economic advisors The China Declaration team will then communicate with those who have signed, to be involved in pressuring governments to adopt strategic initiatives that can have a serious impact on the CCP. These will have economic, financial, and political ramifications that are non-trivial.

At that time these initiatives will be shared with the public along with clear arguments justifying them. These (non-military) actions have not yet been finalized given the fluid global economic and political situation; however, an example of an initiative in discussion is: The sanctioning/blacklisting of the 2,300 individuals (and their families) who make up China's National Party Congress. 
Again, the justification for these will be detailed at the proper time. This is just one of many potential initiatives. 

Only through engaging supporters globally will governments be compelled to decisively act. 

Signing the declaration is the first step. Together we will create a global chorus  that addresses the crimes perpetrated by the CCP and a new birth of freedom in China. 

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